Uniting Hispanic Republicans Across North Carolina

Republican National Hispanic Assembly

With a school-age daughter of my own, it is of the utmost importance that we keep pushing for changes in our schools, better study spaces for our kids, affordable after-school programs, and healthy lunches. Our children are the next generation, let’s make sure they’re prepared for anything this world throws at them.

I have been actively serving our community since before my children began school. As a leader of the PTA, youth sports, and fundraising committees, I am passionate about making our town a better place for our children – and for the future.


An uninformed and uninvolved people means the values and liberties that we hold dear are a generation away from being lost. It is crucial that we support and rally behind candidates we can trust to fight for our rights.

School Choice

To entrust the places of education to which we send our children, we must be able to trust elected school board officials across North Carolina. Getting the right people elected to our school boards is a top priority of ours going forward.

Small Business

Starting a small business is not a light task. To help alleviate the trials that present themselves to small business owners, we seek to aid businesses in need across North Carolina.

As we join forces to improve the lives of all North Carolinians, we have three guides: Faith, Family, and Future.

– Charles Lopez, Former Chairman

Like What We Do?

Our efforts depend on support from people like you in the fight to maintain the integrity of our school system, protect small businesses, and elect leaders to improve the livelihood of all North Carolinians. Please, join us.